There is about to be a whollle bunch of new things in this little world of mine. And it is seriously exciting. I felt like since so many things were changing that my blog needed a change. So I decided with a new look, a new website, a new picture for this. I hope that you like it.

Anyways, moving on. Let me tell you about this new adventure that I am embarking on. I am moving! To a new duplex about 2 miles away, but you seriously have no idea how exciting this is for me. I love being either on my own, or with like maybe 2 other people. Not 5. Now, it is me, my sarahbear, and a great friend, Katlyn. We get to decorate and have a new routine and become better friends and enjoy the end of her senior year with the beginning of mine. Pretty exciting time for both of us.

Want to know a cool story? Perfect, let me tell you!

Yesterday, I had kind of bummed around for the first part of the day and nothing exciting was really going on in the mind of mine. And then I left to sell some textbooks (one that I had found while packing) and off of 2 books, I got $95.

Shutup. I was thrilled.

And then, the management company called me from my new place and told me that even though I wasnt supposed to move in until Monday, they had my key ready for me and I could move in whenever I wanted too.

Again, I was on my way.


I used to hate change, now I am to where I hate the same things over and over. I have moved, now 20 times in 21 years of life. Usually in the same town and to just a different home (and that includes where my father has lived also, when I had to go see him) but it is my normal. It becomes too stressful to stay in one place especially when you arent happy.

I am going to try to take pictures of everything new that happens during this time in life. So, this is my room in devastation…from the whirlwind of packing!Have a happy weekend!


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