The last installment

So, these days are quite different from how my days used to be. I am so much more comfortable in the basic areas of life and my emotions that I can now start to think about other things. Like working out and eating healthy.

Which is precisely what I have been doing  a lot lately.

I think that I have kind of quietly, to myself, made a resolution to eat better foods and work out more. I am fairly positive that this will help me to feel better with a lot of health issues that I have. My body will feel better. I wont be so sluggish and have motivation to do a whole lot of nothing. I think I am ready for this change now. Since everything else has changed, it is time for this one to happen to.

So, no soft drinks, no fast food (hello to more money this way), no giant portion sizes, no midnight snacks, and the rec center and I will become such good friends.

I am starting to really like all this change.


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2 Responses to The last installment

  1. -Erin- says:

    Cutting out soft drinks and most caffeine really did help me feel better with the health issue we have in common. I hope you find it makes you feel a little bit better too!

    • lindseyshelburne says:

      I have been feeling a lot better since I cut them out! I cut them about a month ago and things have seemed to improve so I am happy thus far. 🙂

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