There has been so many things going on in this mind of mine. So many things that I have been contemplating. It isn’t so much that I want answers, I am just wondering what things are going to be like. I want to know what they will be like after I graduate. Or even what they will be like in this last year.

Is it going to be fun? Will I be able to participate in it all? Will I be a good student with 16 hours? Will I freak out? (Yes.. duh) Will we win? Will Philip have a wonderful junior year? Will I actually graduate in May? Will I get a stinking awesome internship that will lead to a job? Will I get to stay in College Station for a little while after I graduate?

Will all my dreams come true?

This is my senior year. Obviously. I am nervous as can be. I have never really been nervous for school. In fact, I am usually quite excited, more so because I like a schedule and structure to some extent in my life and in the summer, the schedule just doesn’t work for me. But now, I am nervous and I guess kind of sad. I have really enjoyed being an Aggie,  once I got more involved. Now that I know what it all means.

The other night, I was on campus at midnight. I was on the quad with the corps and the band was playing and people were yelling at other people and there was a yell practice and people were just really excited. That is fun. It is fun to be obnoxious for your school and to do traditions and for it to mean something to you.

I wish everyone could experience the Aggie spirit. It does something pretty amazing for your own personal spirit.


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One Response to Contemplation

  1. David says:

    You will always be an AGGIE. That’s why we are called former students. There is no such thing as an ex-Aggie expect by that individuals choice.

    I am so proud of you for all you have accomplished and look forward to a wonderful future for you post graduation.

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