A Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Its thanksgiving. For another 9 minutes. And although I have never really been a person to be really thoughtful and express everything that I am thankful for, while laying in bed for the past 30 minutes, it was pretty easy to think of what I am thankful for.

Number 1. My sweet sweet Jesus.

Oh, how faithful he is! How sweet it is to have his love and grace in my life. This year I have kind of struggled and been a lot quieter in my faith. But it is still there. And God has revealed himself to me in an all new way. He has created a calmness within me that I cant really explain. He has also blessed me in so many ways. They are hard to articulate fully but the only two words that come to mind is: my boy.

Number 2. My sweet sweet boy.

This boy has changed my life. For a while before I met him, I didnt believe in a human love for me. I know, confusing right. I believed in love because of the love that Jesus has for me, and I for him, however I didnt think that I could ever really have true love with a boy. I didnt believe it was for me. And then, he stepped right in. I fought it for a while, because I didnt know. I wasnt prepared. I was terrified. But it is so wonderful. He is such a huge blessing. He has been with me through every step over the past year and he loves me with his whole heart. He is more than I could imagine.

I love him.

I love this boys eyes. I love this picture of him.  This is how I see my boy. This is him. He makes my heart flutter and about a kajillion butterflies go wild in my stomach. It brings out the calmness within me and it just makes me know that everything in my life is good. Because he is in it. And as long as he is there, nothing else matters. This is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. I am so thankful. He is my boy. 🙂

Number 3. Of course, I am also thankful for my family. I would be nowhere without them. They bring me great joy always. I only wish everyone could have a sweet fam like mine. 🙂


I hope you find all the wonderful things in your life to be thankful for. Hold on to them and squeeze tight everytime you give a hug. Make sure they know. Enjoy this holiday season and be thankful for all that you have.


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