Right before Christmas I did a shoot with some dear friends of mine, Kylee and Jackie. It is only 2 posts away from this one but these 2 have been on my heart pretty heavily for the last week. For the last few months, Kylee’s eye has basically been harassing her. And none of the doctors they went to could figure out why. They would give her drops and hope it got better until it slowly just got worse and worse. Although it would come and go, I think that by the time it finally came back each time, it was worse than the previous.

I think that most people can understand how obnoxious this is. When our eyes are bothering us, it is just really uncomfortable. I remember how annoyed I was when I was on a really tough medicine that affected my eyes and made them hurt really badly. I had to stop wearing contacts because it would hurt so bad and my eyes would dry out and when I finally when back to the eye doctor, I found out I had double vision. Oh joy.

We all go through this. But this seems incredibly menial now. This is nothing to what this sweet girl is going through. And it breaks my heart.

Kylee and Jackie were finally referred to the Baylor College of Medicine to see a specialist so that they could hopefully get some answers. The first visit seemed to go the same as all the previous visits. They got the same answer, “come back when it gets bad again”. Well Monday they were back in the doctors office and I dont think anything could have prepared us for the answer they were about to get.

She has a parasite inside of her eye, and it is eating away at the cornea.

Oh dear Jesus, take her pain.

When I did her photos we all went to lunch before hand and she told me she was excited because “I make eyes look pretty” and she wanted me to make her eyes look pretty.  I did my best. That was on my heart the entire time I was shooting her and it felt like such an important statement when she said it.

Now I know why. It is so incredible the way our God works.

I am beyond blessed to have been able to take these pictures before this family embarks on this journey of healing.

We are praying for yall.

for peace

for comfort

for wisdom on the doctors part

for strength on the mama/family/friends part

for strength in Kylee

for trust in the Lord

for healing.

I know it will come.

When I was going through treatment, they verse that kept going through my mind each night at 10, when I had to give myself a shot, and each time I couldnt remember something that happened the day (or 5 minutes) before, and when I learned of my double-vision was very simple…

He restores my soul… Psalms 23:3

I love yall mucho. We are here for yall thoughout all of this.

It is Thursday night. Tomorrow they go back to the doctor to confirm everything and decide on a definite treatment plan for this. I am hoping to be able to bring updates through their journey and I am asking for prayers throughout this journey. It shall be a long one.

On a side note, the title of this posting is not the name of the parasite (not that I think anyone would assume that) but rather what her sweet mama calls her. Ironic huh? …I thought I could point out a small bit of humor within this.


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2 Responses to Kyleebug

  1. Jackie says:

    My sweet Lindsey… our journey continues. The doctors have done 2 cultures and 2 biopsies now and have nothing to tell us. I read this blog again to give myself a little reminder that I am very blessed to have such sweet, loving people in my life praying for us.

    Keep praying.. we need it. Kyleebugs is holding up better than I am I think. I want so badly to make this pain go away but don’t know how just yet.

    Thank you for blessing me with your words and pictures again.
    Love, love, love you!
    Momma Jackie

  2. lindseyshelburne says:

    We will definitely keep praying. I have been quietly keeping up with yall through your facebook posts. Send me a message with more details when you can so I can keep others updated and have many prayers.
    We love yall!

    This will soon be better. 🙂

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