ATM #2

There is some funny irony in ATM. I am glad I shortened it. I will let yall figure out why I find it funny.

Anyways. Post #2.

Today I decided to do something with my flowers that died a couple weeks ago. First let me say that I looooove getting flowers. My boy surprises me with them all the time and I think it is so sweet. They are always beautiful. This time he got just a few too many so most of my roses didnt bloom all the way and the flowers died kind of quickly.

However, the great thing about me (because that doesnt sound conceited…) is that I love wilted flowers, SPECIFICALLY roses.

So I decided to do something fun with these.

Really all I did was put them in glass jars and its going to make for some pretty valentines decor. 🙂


I cant tell you how much I love this one. I made sure that there were 2 roses. And that they were different. Its going to sit on the chest that is next to mine and Philips chairs. I feel like it describes us pretty well. Completely different personalities with the same foundations.

We are pretty cute.

And you better freaking believe that when the snow hits the ground, I will be doing a mini shoot with these flowers. As for now, here are some black and whites, that also bless my soul.

Also, I am serious when I say I want to know what kind of moments in your everyday life do you feel blessed by. Leave me some comments people! I want to hear from yall!


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4 Responses to ATM #2

  1. lindseyshelburne says:

    You took the vases home!! uggh!

    • lindseyshelburne says:

      mom, you just posted under my name. i signed in on your computer earlier, make sure you sign out.
      And yes, I took home the vases that I bought. lol

  2. David says:

    I fully get the the irony if ATM seein as how I am Bank of Dad. 😉

  3. Trena says:

    oops…. 🙂

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