Brad and Megan=Engaged!

Yep. That’s right. Every little girls dream. The boy she loves got down on one knee.

So sweet.

Brad and Megan are friends of mine from that Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band. He was Philip’s “old lady” last year. And pretty soon he gets to be Megan’s! He asked that I take pictures of the big day and I am so glad he did. I could not feel more blessed to have been part of this moment in their life.

They are a beautiful couple which made for some beautiful pictures. I love the way love looks through my camera.

Yall are wonderful. Congratulations!

Brad, making sure they get it right!

So sweet. Waiting for her to arrive. Nervous much?

This is a story. And I honestly dont know it super well so I apologize if I get it wrong. Brad’s father is retired from the Army however he is in Iraq as a civilian working. Brad was able to get his dad on skype so his dad could be there for him during this momentous occasion in his son’s life. It was 3:30 in the morning but his dad was there for him.

So special.

I tear up just typing that out.

Buddies are so awesome. Always there for each other.

Brad is Army contract in the corps and you can tell just by being around him, and his buddies, how much they love this nation and they love being able to serve it. I dont think that it was planned but while we were out there the outfit that was on flag detail came to take the flags down. They stopped the celebration to honor the flag and it just made the proposal that much more special.

I cant really explain it. As one of our Aggie sayings goes “from the outside looking in you cant understand it, and from the inside looking out, you cant explain it”

Honestly, tears came to my eyes as I watched this through my view finder.

Congratulations. Yall are beautiful.

And you have some of the sweetest family in the world.

May your engagement, and the rest of your lives together be so blessed.

I loved when someone asked Megan if she was tired of smiling (from the pictures) and she replied with “No. I will probably smile forever now”.

Good. That is how it should be. : )


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One Response to Brad and Megan=Engaged!

  1. Trena says:

    Every little girl’s dream and Megan’s came true! You did a beautiful job capturing the moment.

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