Katlyn and Adam, Again

These two are so special to me. As you know, Katlyn was my roommate last semester and she was perfection. Her and Adam have a sweet story, and I was lucky enough to hear all about it while she lived with me. A couple years back, here in College Station, Adam and Katlyn met at the Hall. He asked her to dance, she accepted, but then he found out she was dating someone. Sad.. After a little time, Katlyn had an extremely scary and unfortunate accident. She broke her back! However, through her recovery she was surrounded by incredible people to encourage her daily and lift her up. Adam was one of those people. While they were dating, they were in separate towns, that were in different states. Adam was in Missouri while Katlyn was here, with me. : )

I feel like I should just leave it there and just say the rest was history. These two are the most adorable people in the world. They love each other like nothing else. They look at each other with the kindest eyes and they speak to each other with the sweetest words.

I am so excited for their marriage. I know that they will be so happy and blessed for all of their days together.

Seriously? Like how much more adorable can people get?

I died when I saw this one! LOOK at Katlyn! These two are so goofy. And they bring it out in each other which makes for a volcano of goofiness. This was easily one of the most fun shoots I have done. Thank yall so much for letting me be a part of this. I am so happy for you two!

Side note.. My sweet boy is in the corps. I was very careful to stay on the edge of that tree!



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