prayers and praises

hello dear blog readers. : )

i wanted to share with you tonight a praise at how wonderful my sweet Jesus is.

over this semester, i have had some seriously serious medical issues come up. i didnt want to share them before because of their nature and i didnt feel like creating a panic that wasnt needed. i told 3 people up until 2 weeks ago, and then it became too much to handle. but now i am ready to share it, because it is one more example of the greatest love this world has ever seen. it shows that He knows our hearts even when we cant find the words to say. He knows the fear and pain behind every tear cried. He knows how draining the anxiety is even when there wasnt someone to talk too, He was there.

and yesterday He showed me all of that.

i started this semester in a not so awesome way. i came home from the break and cried for 3 straight days, for no reason at all. i immediately went to the doctor for bloodwork and one of the hormones that was checked was very concerning because it was so high. honestly, they were all outrageous. but this one was dangerous. it is the pituatary gland that produces prolactin. if there is too much prolactin, you cry. A LOT. i went on medicine but the doctors told me if the medicine didnt bring it down, i would need an MRI on my brain.

to check for a tumor.

shutup. talk about a nervous wreck.

yesterday i got my final blood work results to see if the medicine was working. and it did.

no MRI. no tumor. just a sweet Jesus who takes care of his children.

prayer is powerful, even when there arent words.


speaking of prayer. please pray that these numbers stay this way. my adrenaline number is still quite high so please pray that it will come down.

also, i am about to start applying for jobs and they are jobs that i want realllllly bad. please pray that i get one. that plans will fall into place and that anxiety will dissipate.

i have always had a pretty good grasp on the notion that He is in control and that all will work out the way it is supposed to but these days, i cant seem to find that. i have an overwhelming feeling of being inadequate and it is a struggle in almost everything i do to overcome that. so please just pray that my heart will be settled and a job would come my way and all will work just the way it should.

thanks blog readers.

love yall.


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One Response to prayers and praises

  1. Trena says:

    “When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then you knew my path” (Psalms 142:3). When I’m overwhelmed, God knows and He sees me. He knows where I am, and, more importantly, He knows where I’m headed.

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