Brad and Megan are Engaged!

Brad and Megan are probably the most obnoxiously cute couples that I have ever been around. It is so hard to describe them other than perfect for one another. We did their shoot on campus because Brad is in that Fightin Texas Aggie Band so naturally the fall semester revolves around being on campus, and specifically at Kyle Field. Kyle Field is a pretty special place for most Aggies but I would have to say that it is even more special for couples that are connected through the Aggie Band. I had to show all of this for them. It has been huge in their life.

But not only that, they are so sweet in their lives away from the Aggie Band. They love their families and their families love each other. They met dancing and they love to dance so of course, we had a dance session.

Sidenote: Im totally going dancing. All the couples in my life that mean so much to me, met dancing.

And the car… I cant write this blog without talking about the car! Brad just bought this car a week ago. Its his dream car! Can you believe that?! Buying your dream car, having your dream girl, about to go into the dream job at the tender age of 22.

These two have it together. They are so sweet and inspirational and encouraging. They have been so incredibly supportive of me and just really awesome friends. I was honored to have done these pictures for them, and their proposal pictures if you will remember. I was able to get to know them on a totally different level and that is what I love most about this job. I capture the most beautiful moments of the most beautiful people in my life and I have been seriously blessed through this.

Saturday morning was such a blessing because of these two. I hope that you through there photos you will find the blessings too!

uh oh sister. rock it.

Brad and Megan, you bless me. Thank you so much for being so incredible.

All the other favorites are on the facebook too! So if you want to see more, go there!


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2 Responses to Brad and Megan are Engaged!

  1. Mom says:

    Good looking couple! I love the way you capture their story thru pictures!!

  2. SEB says:

    Your pictures are really good, Lindsey! 🙂

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