Sweet Senior

Meet Britney Coody.

Britney was always someone who I knew who she was but it wasnt until recently that we actually got to know each other a little bit more. Turns out, we are sooo much alike. She is from Orange, TX, which is close to where my brother grew up and I have driven through it a time or two. Its fun to be able to hang out with friends and know the towns that they are referencing when they tell stories from younger days.

When we went on her shoot, she was listening to old country music in her car and it brought home soo many memories. Most of them took me back to the lake. And a way of life that I have realized these past couple of weeks is so very important to me. I have been so blessed to have these people walk into my life and remind me of who I am and how I was raised and why that is so important.

I hope that these pictures are as important to her as they are to me. This shoot literally blew me away when I was editing it. Such an incredible light was reflected on this dear friend who has an incredible heart. I dont think it could have been more of an honest reflection of who she is.

Brody! He was so good for the shoot!

The shots from this field make me want to die! They were sooo beautiful!And, of course, we ended at the chicken. Such a good end to this incredible shoot!

Stay tuned because we actually arent through with her pictures! There will be more to come! Its a surprise!


About lindseyshelburne

Lindsey Louise Photography is run by Lindsey Turner! I am located in Copperas Cove, TX. Please email me at lindsey@lindseylouise.com or visit my website, lindseylouise.com for information on a photo session! Thanks!
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4 Responses to Sweet Senior

  1. Mom says:

    She’s beautiful! Awesome pictures!!

  2. Britney says:

    I am so thrilled with my pictures. I can’t wait to show them off to my family. You have no idea how special they are to me… I just keep re-viewing the picture of Brody with the biggest smile on my face! šŸ™‚ You have a God-given talent for photography, and I know you’re going to be sooo successful!

  3. houseofamilitaryspouse says:

    Are those heels camo?! If so, I NEED some!

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