their wolfpack grew by one.

Oh my goodness. Where to start, where to start?! From the beginning I guess..

I met Ryann and Travis a while back but I think I was more reserved when I met them. We knew each other but not to the extent that we do after this weekend. I drove to Galveston to do their engagement pictures and about stopped at every hospital on the way because the anxiety was almost too overwhelming. You see, I met them through a boy because he grew up with them and all the stories I have heard about them have been through him. And I mostly knew them through the stories (minus one exceptionally hilarious night that involved the best game of horseball that I have ever played). But I didnt stop at any hospitals, just kept driving, because the encouragement Ryann has given me has been more than anyone could expect from someone in her shoes. This girl means the world to me and I wanted to give her the best gift I could. Since I have been blessed with a talent to honestly portray lovers lovin on each other, I knew I needed to get to her and her boy to thank them in the only way I knew how.

Turns out we had the best.freaking.time ever. We laughed at Travis’s awkwardness, they laughed at my awkwardness for finding them beautiful through my lens, we complained about how much are college football teams suck (I talked about my love for Ryan Swope since I just realized he is in a class with me! eeeeek!), and I am stealing Ryann from Travis and he is so sad because “he has no competition”. He makes no sense.. (for those confused by that statement, just laugh-its what Ryann and I did).

And I made the wolfpack. We are going to get matching tattoos.

Enjoy these two. I know I did.

They went to Tech… Dont hold it against them. They are actually alright people..

The way she looks at him…

And even more… they way he looks at her.

Sweet Ryann and I. Love you girl.


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7 Responses to their wolfpack grew by one.

  1. Ryann says:

    OHHH MYYYY GOODNESSSS!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE this! and i love you! we had so much fun!! And i want you to know… trav has been checking your website almost all morning… ok, i have too, but i think it’s cute that he has too 😀

  2. Elyse says:

    LINDSEY!!!!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! I seriously almost cried looking at them! So proud that you are now a part of our wolfpack!

  3. Kristi says:

    Okay … I’ll admit it … I’ve come back and re-looked at these multiple times! I just love how you “caught” their personalities in these! Yep, they’re still great photos, and you’re still amazing!!!

  4. Lindsey these are spectacular!!! LOVE love love them : )

  5. lindseyshelburne says:

    Thanks so much yall!

  6. Jeanne says:

    I only “know” you through Travis’ stories. I think you have done an amazing job in capturing both of their personalities and their love for each other is so evident. It’s quite a talent when you can present a picture that tells a story. You have a very bright future ahead of you! I am so looking forward to more.

  7. jessigene says:

    Oh. My. GOSH. LINDSEY! These are unreal. 4, 5, and 7 in particular– took my breath away.

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