Life is Beautiful

Yesterday was my sweetness’ birthday. He turned the big 2-2!  Other people’s birthdays are important to me. I want to make them feel pretty special, especially if they are special to me. So.. I planned his birthday and got realllllly excited for it for about a month. For real… a whole month. I had an accomplice and everything.

I attempted to document the important moments throughout the day and I might have forgotten my camera a time or two. But I got the biggest moments.

That counts for something right?

So, Lucas’ birthday went like this. He turned 22, so for the hours that he didnt have anything going on (class, practice), he had a present to open on the 22nd minute. I made sure to plan them all in order and make sense for the time of day. I think it was pretty fun.

My awesome accomplice and I went to campus the night before his birthday. I made sure he wouldnt be at his truck for the rest of the night after he parked it and we decorated his truck for his birthday! We also went to all the buildings that he had class in and left him birthday wishes in sidewalk chalk! Im sure everyone who walked by wished that they had such cool friends as we are..

And parentals, please dont be upset about the language.. Its a rage face..

I made him a secret recipe for brownies.. But its a secret and just know that it is the most delicious food you will ever eat in your life. We made sure to have candles and I made him let me sing happy birthday to him at 12:00 a.m.! And then we devoured brownies for the next 20 minutes. At 12:20, I kind of freaked out. I wanted to make sure that I got to be there at 12:20 (the time he was born..officially) to say happy birthday to my sweetness.

At 12:22 a.m., the festivities began. His first present!

And then, I got him to come over for breakfast. And let him open another gift at 8:22! And then we watched the gift, which was Moneyball.

I didnt get to take pictures of the rest of the day because I planned it around his schedule. Duh. But I hear that he loved it. Which is all that matters.

I hope he knows how much he blesses me daily and yesterday was just a small way that I could give back to him.


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One Response to Life is Beautiful

  1. Christy Turner says:

    Thank you so much for being so sweet to my Luke. I have always wanted him to have someone who is fun and loves making him feel special. And don’t worry, he doesn’t miss a thing, and will probably try to out do you on your birthday.

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