Marah I Texas A&M University Senior

Miss. Marah.

Where do I even begin with Marah? Marah is in my small group at church and every single one of those girls has been such a blessing in my life. Yesterday we spent the day just talking and getting to know each other outside of small group. We laughed, we danced, we talked about a million things in life.

The one thing we didnt talk much about was school. Funny to me to not talk about school on a senior shoot. But I just love talking to this girl about life. She has such a lovely perspective. Marah is so carefree. So ready for whatever is going to happen, to happen. Like yesterday, she trusted me with the shoot 100%. I always ask my clients if there is a shot or two that they absolutely want and Marah said no. She was ready for anything we did!

What I love so much about Marah is that she carries a joy and peace and happiness with her that spreads to everyone she meets. She genuinely loves all of our girls.

I’m not a fan of over-ly editing photos. But I looooove this one.

Marah is so beautiful. She radiates light and love and happiness and joy and peace and gentleness and…just everything. I love that she let me take her photos. It always blesses my soul to see life lived out through my photos. I hope that Marah will treasure these as much as I do.

But there is one more for the gorgeous books. One that blew me away. Completely overwhelmed me..

It’s on its way to be printed in Vogue..

Marah loves the Lord and His people and is ready for the plans that He has for her post-graduation. I know that she will be immensely blessed. I cant wait to see all of His plans for her.


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