Chasity and Brett I Huntsville, TX Engagement


Meet another one of my exciting couples from Livingston.

Can I just pause for a second to say how encouraged and blessed I feel to have clients from Livingston. Thanks to facebook, my old friends and I were able to find each other, and they have totally blown me away with their encouragement about LLP and their faithfulness.

I digress..

So Chasity and Brett decided to meet me in Huntsville and they took me to the campus of Sam Houston State University. They both attended school there, but they also both grew up in Livingston. They started dating on campus though so I would guess it is pretty special to them. The part of campus we walked on was beau.ti.ful! The grass was super green and the trees provided great shade from the sun. I immediately knew this shoot would be amazing.

We stopped at this little roman-esque (sp?) courtyard to get the shoot going. And holy cow, these two were the easiest to direct and they got comfortable in front of the camera so fast that it was just so good.

They love each other so much. They are best friends. All they wanted was to hold each other and laugh and be happy.

Yea, I can help you with that.

See that ring. I did NOTHING to it in the editing process. It is just naturally super blingy.. Lucky girl.

I had so much fun at this part. We went to Sam Houston Memorial Park and had a long discussion to decide if we had been there on a field trip ever. And we almost got attacked by roosters. But these two just kept going. They had their ideas of the things that they needed to honestly portray them and I will always be happy to oblige in that.

They just reminded me that I have the best clients. They are so wonderful.


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2 Responses to Chasity and Brett I Huntsville, TX Engagement

  1. Teresa Williams says:

    Loved loved these pictures of Brett and Chasity, but then again he’s my son!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Beautiful pictures and love your blog 🙂

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