A small piece of my non-business heart.

Weird title, right?

Anyways. I know I have been MIA lately, but dont worry. I have not forgotten my lovely blog readers.

I dont exactly have any photos to share but I do have some news. Some business-ey news but it comes with some confessions from my heart.

Confession- I do not have a business mind. I was a recreation major in college.. It is hard for me to plan ahead with a marketing schedule and until recently it was hard for me to know how to market myself. I like word-of-mouth. I like for my body of work to speak for itself. But sometimes, in this a whole small business owner world, you have to put a little umph into your own business to get to where you want to be. I know that full well! It is the rest of the stuff that I struggle with.

So I took a workshop to help me learn and grow. And it gave me incredible ideas for marketing! And so I planned and designed and have launched a small marketing… the word escapes me… plan? I dont know..

But that led me to really think about why I love photography. What stories do I love? What stories do I connect well with? What kind of photography do I love?

My answer? I love families, and babies, and seniors, and lifestyle sessions.

I love small, intimate, photo session. I like to get to know my clients well and tell a small piece of the story. Which can be really big and important!

I love all kinds of photography and shooting for my friends is super important to me also. The weddings I have scheduled are people who are important in my life and I reallllly want to celebrate their wedding with them BY shooting it.

However I am taking this marketing campaign (ah, finally! campaign is the word I was looking for!) as a chance to finally specialize my business. I have become a volunteer for an incredible organization called Preemie Prints to allow myself to be able to bless families by shooting this special time in their life. Also, I am here, on my blog, letting you wonderful people know that when you need a family shoot, or babies, or maternity, or SENIOR, or even birth photography done please know that this is where my heart is.

This is the beat behind Lindsey Louise Photography.

My inspiration via instagram. A blank canvas, film camera, and yogi berra.


About lindseyshelburne

Lindsey Louise Photography is run by Lindsey Turner! I am located in Copperas Cove, TX. Please email me at lindsey@lindseylouise.com or visit my website, lindseylouise.com for information on a photo session! Thanks!
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