Coffee Table Book I Session Products


Well good morning blog readers and dear friends!

I have a treat for you this morning!

One of my new favorite products that I offer with most collections!

Meet my Layflat Photo Cover Coffee Table book! Mouthful right?!

Anyways. These books are so wonderful. They offer so many great functions for your collection. In the case of one client, it is being used as a sign in book at their wedding. No better way to have your favorite engagement photos printed in one place!

Another client put it best when she was explaining to her fiance why they needed it. She said “We are getting the book because then we have all of our photos already in an album instead of buying 25 5×7’s and then frames, and then never getting around to buying the frames or hanging the photos. This way it is done and it is beautiful and it will lay on our coffee table for everyone to see!”

You hit the nail on the head sister.

The inner leaf shows the difference between “layflat” and “magazine style”. See how it lifts up a little? See next photo for the rest of the explanation!

Here is where you can see that both sides of the books lay flat on the table. So you arent battling the pages to enjoy the photos!

These books arent used for just engagement sessions. If you remember a few posts back, I am actually not doing much of those anymore. These beautiful photo books can be used for all sessions! Pick a few of your favorite photos to display on your wall and then have ALL of your collection in a beautiful book!

Today is the beginning of my weekend but I wanted to make sure to give you lovelies something pretty to look at. My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday! Stay tuned for a blog post on that! However, it might not be for about 2 weeks as I am leaving Sunday for Daytona, Florida! I am joining a youth group for the Student Life conference on the beach there! Please pray for everyone’s heart to be moved and worked while we were there. I cant wait to see how He works in us!

I will post as soon as I can! Make sure to follow me on facebook for more updates via instagram (duh).


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Lindsey Louise Photography is run by Lindsey Turner! I am located in Copperas Cove, TX. Please email me at or visit my website, for information on a photo session! Thanks!
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  1. mom says:

    Love love love this!!

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