Grandma and Grandaddy I 50th Anniversary Party

I  am not quite sure where to even begin.

Grandparents are obviously another set of parents to children. However, mine went above and beyond the call. I used to spend my summers with my grandparents – 12 hours away from the closest parents – in the desolate panhandle of Texas. That is some serious grandchild love right there.

They have set an incredible example of marriage for all who know them. Through the thick and thin they have remained strong. Their love never wavering.

My Uncle Dennis gave a speech that taught me many sweet things about my grandparents. Their first date was driving around the tiny town they lived in for a couple of hours, six months later they were engaged. My dear grandmother was 2 weeks away from turning 18 and being able to get married without her parents permission when they tied the knot.

I tell people that she was just in so much love that she couldnt wait. I found out the real story was they already had family in town..

Another interesting fact I learned from my uncle’s speech was that only 6% of marriages make it to 50 years.

Makes me even more proud of them.


Such great fellowship was had by new and old friends and family.

Aren’t they precious. They bless my life so very much.


It was a great party. Thanks to all who came out and joined us for this celebration. It was seriously, all kinds of wonderful.


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One Response to Grandma and Grandaddy I 50th Anniversary Party

  1. Trena says:

    It was a wonderful day had by all! I’m so proud of my mom and dad~

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