Rusk FUMC Youth I Student Life 2012

I am currently sitting at my mama’s home in Tomball, laying in her bed at 1:34 PM because sister doesnt feel so hot. And even though I dont feel great physically, I cant help but dream of the week that blessed my heart so very much.

I just got back to Texas this past weekend from Daytona Beach, FL. I joined Lucas’ parents out there with their youth group for a week at Student Life Camp. It is a camp, kind of, but it was more of a conference. For seven meetings, we were blessed to hear sermons from Louie Giglio and be led in worship by Chris Tomlin.

It was kind of a toned down version of Passion. No break out groups and less worship leaders/speakers and for high school and junior high kiddos instead of college aged kiddos.

I cant even begin to explain the joy that filled my heart when many of the students stood to accept Christ into their life. To say that they were dead to sin, but that Christ has brought them to life and put them in a family that will encourage and lift them up. They are allowing themselves to accept the fact that the Lord lavishly loves each and everyone one of us. And that love is incomparable to anything here on this earth.

Louie explained that when someone comes back into the family, there is a party in Heaven. There is a celebration in our hearts even though we face challenges here on Earth. And now that we are back in Texas, back in our homes and with our friends, I just pray that the kids remember the celebration that was placed in their hearts.


As you can see, we definetely took advantage of the conference being on the beach! There was nothing that was taken for granted on this trip. The kids worshiped with their whole hearts and played with their whole hearts.

My prayer is for each of you to continue to grow in your relationship with the Lord. That He would present you with opportunities to grow in Him and surround yourselves with others who love Him. And that no matter where you go and the struggles you face because of your love for Him, dont ever let it derail you.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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One Response to Rusk FUMC Youth I Student Life 2012

  1. Trena says:

    Can you think of a better way to spend a week with none other than a bunch of kids who love to play hard but more importantly love to love the Lord hard! It looks like fun was had by all! I love the way you captured the worship services~

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