Ashley and Hailie I Rudder High Senior Reps

These two, and their mommas, are such a blessing to me!
They agreed to be senior reps for me and I am so glad that they did! I couldn’t have asked for better girls! They have the sweetest and most inviting spirits which allowed me to get to know them quickly! Which made this session a total blast and is my favorite! I love getting to know my clients and making friends with them.

I know I say it with all of my senior posts, but being a high school senior is one of the most exciting seasons in life. These girls have an excitement that is so contagious. They are ready for anything, and everything.

We decided to go behind George Bush Library for their photos and the place was packed. I think there were 3 other photographers working back there at the same time. But we found a couple little places to tuck ourselves and they all turned out so perfect. Ashley and Hailie are best friends, but each have a distinct style that so well reflects their personalities. I  loved that I could tell so much about them through this. They are so confident in themselves and it is so refreshing to find in senior girls.

As you can tell, these girls love to laugh. They are so friendly and outgoing. I literally felt like I had made some sweet friends with these two just after spending almost 2 hours with them. They let me in on their friendship for just a little time and we were able to rock this shoot.

Again, they are such a blessing. And I know that they will be the best reps I could ask for.

I know, I know. There are only 5 photos here. I want to do another blog post with the individual photos. So still be on the lookout!



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