A year ago, today.

Maybe I should start with a year ago, 3 days ago.

A year ago on December 4th, I got baptized. I did something that was really scary to me. But not because of the meaning of it, because I hate being in front of a lot of people. But the Lord did not give me a spirit of timidity so I did it. And I can’t think of a specific moment in my life where I have felt more complete, and joyful and in love.

In love with a perfect father who is in Heaven and who loves me, a sinner.

I decided to get baptized because I really wanted people to know how much I love my God. I learned what it meant to put my security in Him. I learned how faithful He was. I learned how much HE loved ME. Before that, my security was in things that are of this world. Things that will let you down. People that will let you down. Even when you believe that they are the only people in the world that could never let you down.

God will never let you down.

So, where my security had been previously was obviously important to me. It was something that my heart craved. A love, a family. And when I showed everyone that those things would no longer have power over me, the Lord answered my hearts biggest craving by giving me just that.

The very next day. December 5th, 2011. Was the beginning of mine and my sweetness’ love. We definitely didn’t fall in love that day, but we started speaking to each other, without any clue of how the Lord just answered my prayers. And on December 7th, a year ago, today, we went on our first date.

I know I have told this story. And this is only a small snapshot of my month of December, a year ago but it is a powerful 4 days.

I have been going through a bible study on the Advent of Christ and it shows us the Hope, Joy, Peace, Love and Truth that we have in Christ.

The Lord did amazing things in my life during the Advent, a year ago. I got baptized, met my love, graduated from college, and started this beautiful and honest business. How sweet it is to have all of these reminders each year to change the tone of Christmas. It isnt all about getting and giving gifts.

He is the reason. He has filled my cup during this season of Advent with such love and joy. And when that cup is full, and he keeps adding to it, not one drop is spilled over.

My Christmas season begins today! I am on my way to visit my Grandparents. Spending weekends with beautiful family is such a joy during this season.

What has the Lord filled your cup with this year? Or years past?

Some photos of all the moments from last year!

baptism bqbowl-7

After this football game last year, Lucas turned our hanging out time at Spoons, to a dinner date. With like an hour to process the whole thing. Silly boy. Dip-#-0535 5x7 kanda-2The first photo I put my logo on. It is still a favorite.


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One Response to A year ago, today.

  1. Mom says:

    What a beautiful story and reminder of how perfect our God! Faithful~

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