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These rainy days are kind of killing me. I have just been laying around, watching Full House and Saved by the Bell, listening to the rain.
And then the UPS guy dropped off a print order and I remembered that I actually work, and should probably get on that list of things to get done!

I know that today is only Wednesday but I have a BIG announcement that pertains to the end of this month, and much of February. So make sure you read all the way to the end.

This family is so incredibly close to my heart. This is Lucas’ family. His parents, sisters and brother-in-law. I love them all and they each are in the middle or about to begin some very exciting seasons of life. We wanted to get this session in to remember them all, as they were, before they entered these seasons. This family is going to grow, in number and wisdom, all beginning next week!
Cami and Josh, the older sister, is 35 weeks pregnant, now. I am sure you have seen her maternity photos and she was 32 weeks pregnant in those. Little Laken is going to come into this world loved so much. And I just can not wait to meet her. And neither can a million other people!
Lucas is getting ready to move to Virginia and start work in the Army. My sweet love is going to be an EOD officer and has about a year and a half worth of school before him.
And Madi is and the down side of her Junior year of high school. We think we have her convinced that Texas A&M is the greatest university ever, but I am sure any of us had anything to do with that decision. Johnny Football and the fact that her best friends are going there did more than we ever could! Let’s just hope it stays that way!

Can you imagine being Christy and Russell? Who knew, when they had kids that were quite a few years apart, that each child would have such incredible moments in their life at the same time. I just know that they have to be overwhelmed with excitement and pride for their babies. Their cup of joy is surely overflowing.


So, ready for my big announcement! It isn’t really huge. Just something to be informed about!
I mentioned that Lucas is moving to Virginia and Cami is having a baby, right. Well I will be present for both of these things.
Lucas and I aren’t just moving him to Virginia, we are going on quite the road trip! New Orleans, Cami’s for a weekend, some civil war battlesites and… CHARLESTON!! (I am so excited for Charleston!), And then to Raleigh, then Ft. Lee.
I will be in Texas for maybe a week after that. Then I hit the road to Mississippi for the birth of beauitful Laken.
I should be back mid-February!

I know that I am going to be on the road a lot, but I am still booking for when I return. You will be able to reach me through email for bookings! I know that Senior season is quickly approaching and I already have a few bookings for March and April, so please book soon before spots fill up!


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Lindsey Louise Photography is run by Lindsey Turner! I am located in Copperas Cove, TX. Please email me at lindsey@lindseylouise.com or visit my website, lindseylouise.com for information on a photo session! Thanks!
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