Shiloh and Chickamauga I Road Trip 2013

So, after we left New Orleans, we made our way to Mississippi and stayed with Cami. We talked baby the whole time! It was great to spend some time with them.

On Sunday morning we got up and drove to Shiloh, TN and toured the battlefield there. The battlefields are all National Parks so not only did Lucas geek out with the Civil War part of it, but I geeked out with the National Park side of it. I studied all of this stuff for 4 years in college. It was wonderful!

Shiloh was actually one of the worst battles in the Civil War. It was a fought over 2 days, April 6 and 7 in 1862, and 23,746 people on both sides were killed, wounded or captured/missing.

This field is where the battle began. The Union soldiers were slowly waking on the morning of April 6. 200 soldiers had been sent to scope out the woods just to make sure they were still safe and they walked down a path and found this field, filled with about 20,000 Confederate soldiers. A few shots rang out and the battle was on.


The Hornets nest and Sunken road were very momentous occasions for the Confederacy. They were able to knock back the Union and gain ground. They were very optimistic when this land was taken but their optimism would soon be subsided.


This is a monument to show where Gen. Peabody was fatally wounded. Peabody sent the 200 men out to make sure they were safe. When they were retreating, he was wonded 4 times before this fatal shot.

This is Peach Orchard. Peach trees everywhere. A beautiful peice of land that is so serene today.
Right next to the Peach Orchard is this pond. It said that this pond is where men and horses came to take their last drinks of life. The blood stained it red.

Deer all over the place. Another peaceful scene.

This is a ravene where the commanding officer of all Confederate forces was fatally wounded. You can see a tree stump that marks where he was on his horse and shot. A fellow soldier saw him and took him down this hill, out of the way of fighting.

The Tennessee river. Where the Confederate forces were trying to push the Union back too. The Union however, used it to get more forces overnight which would ultimately be there saving grace. We were able to go up on to a cliff and you can see in the bottom photo a full tree that is at least 40 feet tall. It isnt even as tall as the cliff that we were on. This scaredy cat was not feeling it.


Shiloh Battlefield was amazing. So much history. And so wierd.. To think that I am walking the same ground that men gave their lives on.

Chickamauga was great too! It was much smaller but still full of history. It was fought on September 19-20, 1863. It saw 34,624 casualties and was a Confederate win.

This is the spot where the Union made a huge mistake. A General had been awake for 2 days and got some information that worried him. He thought there was a gap in the line a regiment to move to fill the gap. The leader of the regiment could see that there was no gap, but he had recently gotten into trouble for not following orders, so he did as he was told. When he moved, he then created a real gap! This gave the Confederate a super oppurtunity to get throught the Union forces and knock them back. And that is what happened. The right side of the Union line completely fell apart.

This is where a part of the Confederate army stayed for hours. They hung out in this ditch and took fire from the Union army. It said that you could walk from the wooden bridge to the other side of the field and never touch ground. It was where many men lost their lives.

This tower was erected to show where the Union had their meetings. There was a home that stood here and a woman and her children lived there. They had to flee when fighting broke out but they returned and her descendants still live in the area. You can walk to the top but it was all closed off.

This hill was the last stand. A Union general stayed here when all the Union forces had retreated back to Chattanooga to make sure that they wouldnt be followed for a while. They totally had the high ground and fought back Confederate forces until the sun fell on the last day. When he got the news that it was time to retreat, he did. When he was buried, his headstone says that he was the “Rock of Chickamauga”.

Whew. Long blog. The trip has been fun! The drive to get from Shiloh to Chattanooga was the worst. We ended up going through the mountains at night and I was not ready for it. I was not a fan. We are now in Charleston. I am about to get ready and we are going on to do Ft. Sumter and explore. We took some time this morning to just get some rest. Neither of us feel 100% but are hoping it is just from being tired. But, our drive yesterday had a few quick pit stops which are interesting and I will tell you about later!

Stay tuned!


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