Charleston, SC and Ft. Lee, VA I Road Trip 2013

Well, we made it. We are getting Lucas settled in to his place in Virginia and it is finally getting to be a little more routine.

We loved our trip! It really was a blast and we have tons of stories. I left you last with our trip from Tennessee to South Carolina. Although it was a bit of a drive we broke it up and made a few stops. First was the Original home of Chickfila. Lucas and I dont eat fast food, except for Chickfila. And I eat Sonic occassionally, but that is it. Normally when we take trips we only stop to eat at Chickfila so while we were driving through Atlanta we only saw fit to stop there. It is called the dwarf house, and there is actually a small little door on the side of the building. I dont know the story behind that, but there you have it. Also, you can be served at this chickfila. Pretty neat.
I only have iPhone photos to show though. IMG_0678 IMG_0680

We also stopped in Columbia, SC to scope out our SEC appointed rivals University of South Caroline football stadium. A bit unimpressed. No photos to show.

Once we got to Charleston something quite interesting happened! We were hungry so we asked for something local to eat. We just started driving and got turned around a bit but we found a place called Ye Ole Fashioned Sandwiches and Ice Cream. We thought we would give it a shot so we walked in and looked at the menu. When I went to give my order, the guy was speaking with a Russian accent. Kind of cool. But thennnnn everyone behind the counter started talking in Russian to each other!! And we were sitting in an old diner so it was like a time warp. I literally felt like I was in the 60’s during the cold war. Pretty Cray! But fun.

The next day we toured Ft. Sumter. Which was really fun to do. There is still unexploded ordnance in the walls. It was originally 55ft tall and now it is maybe 15. When the walls came down during a seige instead of rebuilding, they just threw the brick into the ocean and you can still see it today. Also, all the original brick was made by slaves in the Charleston area. I know that I am not telling everything about it but I can’t remember all the details. It was a very cool place to visit though.


IMG_0684The next day we weren’t supposed to stay in Charleston, but we did. We explored one of the plantations and visited the citadel. We ate some very authentic southern food in the most awesome place ever. You walked in and it almost felt like Whistle Stop Cafe. Very friendly waitresses and the best food! And sweet tea! We finished it all off with Coca-Cola Cake and coffee.

This is the resident alligator at the plantation we visited. These used to be rice fields but not the river has kind of made them swamps.
Can’t you just see Ally and Noah out on their boat in this river. Oh, I loved it.

IMG_0704 IMG_0688 IMG_0687It was all really great. The trip to Virginia was not nearly as exciting. We just drove straight through and had major stress issues when we got here. We stayed in another hotel and eventually found Lucas an apartment. All before the snow hit. We are grateful to be settled and getting Lucas a few things he needs for his apartment. We enjoyed a home cooked meal last night and get to do it again tonight! All while watching marathons of Law and Order: SVU on hulu plus.
We were made very aware of how adaptable we need to be in this Army life. Things can change on a dime and you have to be able to fix whatever it is. But, with Jesus, the anxiety melts away and when you lay it at his feet, He will always provide.
Tomorrow morning I have to go back to Texas. Little Laken can decide any day that she is ready so I have another adventure in front of me!

What a season of life this is for us?!

IMG_0708 IMG_0709

If you want to follow me on Instagram my user name is lindseyshelburne! I love new followers and I document so much of my life there.

See you in Texas, fine friends!


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