A pretty cray season I From Texas to Florida

It has been a bit way too long since I have logged on here.

The title is a pretty big hint. The family has been told. The bridesmaids have been told. People have shed tears but mostly excitement.

Sister is moving to Florida.

A few weeks ago, I was told at my full time job that they just didn’t have the space for me anymore. Which is totally ok. The Lord prepared me sufficiently for that moment. I panicked for about a second and then I picked up the phone and started calling people in Florida. I found another job, doing the same thing that I am doing now, in Florida. From the time I talked to the boss, to the time he gave me an offer was about an hour. God is so good.

It hit me that what started as one of the most trying seasons of my life to date, is coming to an end. I have to praise Jesus. He taught me a lot of and gave me time to do things the way He knew I needed to do them. And He has made things happen in His timing that I can’t even explain. Like, getting a job without having an in person interview. Such a cool feeling.

I feel pretty confident in His timing and in this move. Jesus laid out a path and I tried my best to walk it. Because of that, I have to believe that He has prepared everyone else that will be affected. My mom in particular. I will cherish the time we had in this season. It was an adjustment at first, but we figured it out. Lots of sweet wedding moments have happened and I am glad we were able to do these things.

And lots of laughs.. She is cray. Example below..


I cant wait to document the rest of wedding planning and beautiful Florida!


I haven’t blogged because sometimes these days I feel like I am too tired to even catch my breath. Between wedding planning, which means getting to hang out with my friends and family, a quick little job search, sessions here and there..

I do have a few sessions that I will get blogged. Lots of important people who have played big roles in my life will grace this blog.


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One Response to A pretty cray season I From Texas to Florida

  1. Kim Johannesen says:

    I am so proud of the young woman you have grown to be! I have no doubt that God has big plans for you, and I am please to hear that you are willing to listen and to “go” when called.
    Hugs & love,

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