Ethan I College Station, TX Senior Photographer

I woke up one early Sunday morning, after a long night cheering on the Aggies and met this guy and his parents in Downtown Bryan. We weren’t expecting rain, but we got the best clouds you could ask for. I love some great sun with beautiful flare in the background, but with this guy, clouds were what Jesus blessed us with. He had this session planned down to the bone. Ethan is a breath of fresh air amongst teenagers. I dont think teenage boys were like this when I was one. He is the coolest, first of all. He dresses soo well. Like, so well. Like, maybe I want my husband to go shopping with him. And he takes direction like no boy has ever done. He let me push him to show off his coolness. He would go with my big, elaborate requests so I could get the ONE awesome shot that I dreamed of. And he would do it 15 times until I said, “ok, you can stop now…”. And then I ended up with 20 shots that added to my ONE awesome to fall in love with. Not only would most boys be over that but most people would be over that. I was in photographer Heaven.   Not to mention that I was just really grateful after this session had ended. We said our goodbyes, and the sky literally opened up and poured rain. Remember how I said we weren’t expecting rain? It poured. Not 2 seconds after we all closed our vehicle doors. I haven’t shot for a long time for quite a few reasons. Jesus really let me have it with this one. He reminded me that I am good enough.. I am good enough to do this and He will provide all the necessary items and people. I love these photos. I loved this session. I love being excited for more to come. I really hope you do too!lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-1 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-2 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-3 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-4 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-5 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-6 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-7 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-8 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-9 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-10 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-11 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-12 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-13 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-14 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-15 lindseylouiseseniorcollegestationphotographer-16


About lindseyshelburne

Lindsey Louise Photography is run by Lindsey Turner! I am located in Copperas Cove, TX. Please email me at or visit my website, for information on a photo session! Thanks!
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