Lortz Family I Ft. Hood, TX Family Photographer

This family was tonssss of fun to work with. I wish I had gotten to spend hours with them.

These kiddos are sweet little Irish twins. Sister slept the whole time and brother goofed around with me. He is a little ham. We danced and laughed and he made himself quite comfy in his parents lap.

And then mom and dad got to goof off. I just love it when the adults let me joke around and play with them as much as I get to do it with the babes of the family. It is just so important to keep a light heart. When Ilesia suggested she jump on Chris and then he took it further and goofed off even more, I just wanted to die.

Thank you for being weird like me and not caring. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for leaning in with me!

Lets be friends forever, sister.

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About lindseyshelburne

Lindsey Louise Photography is run by Lindsey Turner! I am located in Copperas Cove, TX. Please email me at lindsey@lindseylouise.com or visit my website, lindseylouise.com for information on a photo session! Thanks!
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