San Francisco I The Turners go on vacation!

San Francisco.. Can I go back?

We finally took a vacation, a honeymoon. We got away. We booked a hotel, bought plane tickets and dropped the dog off at grandmas. The whole trip was dang near perfect. It was right on time. I had been finding myself overwhelmed with the daily grind. Working and then going home to sit in front of the computer or heading out to a photoshoot every weekend. I am certainly not ungrateful for those things.. but we all know how it can feel to feel like you can never stop. If you stop, everything will slip from your grasp and you can never get it back. And that would just be the worst.

So I could sit here and type out all that we did. But I think that I will just let you see it instead. Every touristy thing to do, we did. We ate in Chinatown (best ever), we put our feet in the Pacific ocean (coldest ever), we went to the Full House house (most basic thing I could have made Lucas do ever), we walked up Lombard St. (crookedest ever), we went to 3 baseball games (yes, we love the Astros), saw old friends, got our history in with a WW2 submarine tour and found Admiral Nimitz grave, faced fears and walked across the Golden Gate bridge and loved every single minute.

And then we spent a lot of time saying “lets go back to the hotel and nap and watch netflix”. Thats my kind of vacation.sanfransico2015-1 sanfransico2015-4 sanfransico2015-6 sanfransico2015-10 sanfransico2015-11 sanfransico2015-14 sanfransico2015-16 sanfransico2015-17 sanfransico2015-18 sanfransico2015-22 sanfransico2015-25 sanfransico2015-28 sanfransico2015-31 sanfransico2015-32 sanfransico2015-35 sanfransico2015-38 sanfransico2015-40 sanfransico2015-43


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