Jennifer’s Maternity Session I Central Texas Maternity Photographer

This session was one that almost didn’t happen. Sweet Jennifer is due in December, but we feared that bed rest would come quickly for her. When she was pregnant with little miss GJ, it started in October. So, we were proactive and didn’t want to take any risks! We planned the session for beautiful Salada, TX in late September. Many weeks before I normally due any other maternity sessions.

The Thursday before that Saturday…she went in to pre-term labor. Oy..

Thankfully, the doctors were able to stop it. It took a few really rough days with lots of praying, but they got this sweet girl to stay put. I marched forward though and made the flower crown anyways. I prayed as I made it. Lord, please just let me be a blessing. Please let me make beautiful photos for this sister of mine. Please keep her safe. I love her so.

Jennifer got to go home but with strict bed rest rules. I still prayed. Everyday I would check in on her. Make sure she was feeling ok. Not everyday would she say that she was. She actually went back in to the hospital with the fear that she wouldn’t come out until after baby girl was born. Oh gosh, Lord please bring her home soon!

And then she came home. The doctors said that there was little more they could do to stop the labor.. If it happens, it happens and we will deal with it. Go home and don’t overdo it (obvs..).

So last weekend I went to hear home and my dreams came true.

Thanks to her not-so-strict bed rest, I finally got to do the lifestyle session of my dreams. She is stunning. She is absolutely beautiful. Of all the photos I have taken of her, these are by far my favorite.

They show her strength and her support. They show her fearlessness. They show her love. They show her joy in uncertain times.

I have often asked God to make me more like Jennifer. Her heart is one of the best. I have always loved that I get to call her my cousin.

These days though, I realize, she is my sister.

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