Massey Family I Ft. Hood, TX Family Photographer

Y’all, blogging is just hard for me..Do not ask why. I have just let it go and it’s I used to be so on top of my game..

I started using a new organization software (if you have gotten weird emails that seem like super organizational stuff from me, ignore it maybe..I am working out those kinks) that helps me set dates and has check boxes so I get things done! Check boxes are always good right?

Give me more check boxes!

Here are some previews and 2 sweet families I have had the pleasure of knowing. They are best friends through this whole Army thing. And let me tell you, those kind of friends are beyond special and treasured. They become your family when you are far away. They are vital to like, everyday living. They get you through the hardest things.

And then your kids become best friends and it just never stops. Even when you end up on the other side of the country from these friends.. they are still a part of your lifeline. My sweet sisterita is in Virginia right now, and I text her almost everyday.

It’s a part of the gig..

Enjoy their prettiness.



December is probably my favorite month. Not because of Christmas the holiday with all of its festivities and parties, but because of what Jesus did to my life 4 December’s ago and all those December’s ago when He came into the world at just the right time.

4 Decembers ago, today, I got baptized. I finally let go of so much…junk. And let the good stuff in. It was the best day of my life. And man, did Jesus come through to show me how huge and loving and good He is.. Just one day after that, I met the man I would marry.

This weekend is about leaning in. I get to go back to College Station tomorrow and I don’t think that is a coincidence. I get to go back to that church that I got baptized in and take my little sister with me. I get to love on friends and eat meals with them. I get to see the most precious new life there is and photograph some strong people.

We just have big things in our life right now. And I don’t think its a coincidence that my heart hurts from the weight of those big things in the month of December. God is so intentional. He knows just what we need and when we need it the most. He reminds of us fulfilled promises this month. And how grateful I am for that.

This weekend, I need to lean in. I need to lean on those fulfilled promises.


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